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Post  IloveFictionalCharacters on Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:23 pm

The end for me, I think.
Seems like this "great experiment" of ours has failed. I say failed, I mean crashed and burned due to everybody being to busy to take control of the freaking plane. Seriously, I'm disappointed, I expected better. So I'm going to say thank you to a few people who made rping over the last 5 (I think) years something special. You don't have to reply, heck it may make it easier if you don't, but just know you probably occupy a special place in that special time in my life.

This letter is in recognition of all rpers I've known across all the rps I've ever been a part of. I would appreciate it if it was sent on to all the people mentioned and posted wherever it adds to a forum or whatever. I just wish you all the best.

Ray - Ray, I love you. Not in a sexual manner, in a brotherly equals manner. Seriously dude, Shakespeare is awesome and you can actually quote it at will, like me. You were brave enough to periodically stand up and tell people just how fucking wrong they were, even though it meant you took alot of flak for it. I can sympathise because I think I did it rather alot too. One of the most intelligent individuals I've had the pleasure to converse with. And decyphering your typo ridden rapid style lines became something of a pass time for me. The Eagle flies over the mountains from the plains, where the lion (probably) cannot follow. Otter is dead in pond with rabbit, squirrel and all the other animals. The water is poisoned so he must depart.

Bonnie - Bonnie, you made (make) me smile a great deal. Some of our recent scenes are among the best I've ever had ( although this may be relative because there have been no scenes in recent months). Just a good descriptive rper who didn't go and cry when you got beaten at anything, you jsut nodded smiled and laughed at whoever beat you. Something a great deal of rpers and people could learn alike.

Sam - Your biblical knowledge was always interesting to discuss and often humbling, but I always learned something after a scene with you. And you could have beaten me so easily. It's astounding how good you are at this game, it made me afraid just thinking of setting one of my characters against yours. The only person in recent rp experiance I think I couldn't beat. Thank you for that.

Jake - You are an egotistical idiot who thinks that you know best and won't listen when anyone criticises you , with exception to Jess. However, I feel it wouldn't be right to disregard your contributions to the rp in general and the tireless work you invested into it. Maybe one day we can speak on good terms, and I think I'd enjoy the conversation more for you admitting your own flaws.

Rach - Honey Badger trumps Centipede. Somebody who actually stood up and tried to give the corpse of this rp CPR. Jesus, you should admire this girl ! She did something that most of you didn't, she actually tried to continue the thing we all claimed to love. We didn't always get on but I can honestly say I always respected you. And you usually made some pretty rad characters. I'm glad to have known you and that's all I think needs to be said because you never seemed to need encouragement or compliments. You did your own thing, and you did it well.

Sage - We sat and talked, not about anything in particular, and it really helped me out. I think you kept me sane in this mad world of roleplay. Somewhat of a perfectionist, you made me smirk with your various characters on a daily basis. Just a damn good bloke and a nice person. Holds my respect now and always.

Andre - Jesus man, you knew what you wanted and you grabbed it. And you didn't apologise for anything. A pleasure to roleplay the relatively few times we did. Might have given me a run for my money in terms of speed, if you weren't high. I also think your roleplay is the future, so keep it up and I may or may not return to it. A fighting style in the roleplay I felt I could learn from, and did.

Danii, Pete and Stefan - You guys made the rp what it was. Well all the rps what they were. You came in and did the bits that needed to be done, you just sort of got on with it. You didn't cause drama and you just went out and scened. For you guys more than anything I'm grateful. Never stop scening, not for anything.

And last but certainly not least Jess - Jess I think you are among the standouts of my rp for a variety of reasons. You drove me insane, you made me laugh, you educated me to some degree. You made your characters and just did not compromise them for anyone. This was infuriating at times , but wonderful at others. Probably created the characters with most depth, although I like to think my characters occassionally challenged for the title. You were the very best and the very worst of us depending on which day. You never stood still for anything and I can only say I was proud to know you. Look me up any time you come to Britain.

To all not mentioned - You all contributed to the various rps we were a part of together to some greater or lesser degree. It is the rpers, not the sets, that always made the scenes for me. I would have found an empty room, and sometimes did, and just scened with you guys. To a man I think you all ought to be thanked. Never stop scening, ever.

And abit about me. I was a right prick sometimes, but I think I always stood up for what was in the interests of the roleplayers first and foremost. Roleplay is something wonderful and I hope that you guys keep it alive, because it seems I'm not capable of doing that anymore. I'm going to try and return to rp of one kind or another sometime, but we'll see how it runs. I hope, heck I pray, that there's something to come back to when I finally do.

So just do me a favour and remember what the mods always say - Stay ic guys []


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