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Post  Jessyka on Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:55 pm

Forum Rules

Always post in the appropriate category.

For example, do not post a character biography under the OOC section.

■Do not spam.

■ Do not post harmful criticism on anybody's post. You can post constructive criticism, though, as the poster will probably appreciate it. If you aren't sure if what you have to say is harmful or constructive, ask yourself; would I be annoyed or appreciative if someone told me/pointed this out to me?

■Swearing is allowed, but please, don't use it excessively as it may offend some. Racism is NOT acceptable!

■Try to be original when creating your characters. Some people have traits that are distinct for their character and might not want you having that same trait. If it is something minor (such as a hairstyle), it isn't a big deal. If it is something specific to a blood-line or that character that makes them unique, it is reccomended you ask that member if you can use that trait.*

*We don't expect you to read every single bio on the forums, so sometimes it's not possible to notice these things.
We try to be lenient

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