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Post  Jessyka on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:11 pm


Just because the war has ended doesn't mean the chaos has stopped... Nor that it's time to go home.

A once culturally exquisite city has fallen into the hands of the Jazz Age and become comfortable there; Paris is now the epicenter of what the locals call the "Années Folles". Dance clubs and bars litter every populated street and become jam packed the moment the sun sets, filled with people desperate for a good time...

While World War I has been over for four years, there are still veterans lingering about the city, not ready to return to the places they once called home. Men from all over Europe and across the Atlantic from America remain "stuck" in a period of disillusionment, looking for something to give meaning to their lives. Others remain torn apart from the lives of those they lost during this "war to end all wars" as they grapple to piece back together their old lives in this now chaotic city.

Among the soldiers and the Parisian locals is a new group of people known as the expatriates -- those who have left their home countries-- to pursue their lives in this foreign city. Mostly Americans who have lost their interest in the ending Industrial Revolution or those who have lost their patience with Prohibition [A law placed that made the distributing of alcohol illegal] also find themselves in the heart of this city.

But among all this supposed rapture is a place where art is being defined in all its forms -- visual, performing, and literature are all getting makeovers. With the birth of the first ever moviestars comes the creation of new forms of writing and journalism that are shocking people of all sorts...

In such a colorful, brightly lit world that knows how to hold its drink, where will your character fit in?

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