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---OOC Information---
Fatal Hotel Username: Rachela
Real life name: OH HM I WONDER
[I should have trolled you all and done the entire bio in French]

---IC Information---
Vital Statistics

Full name: Martine Josette Fontaine-Bouchard

* Mademoiselle Martine Bouchard * Tumblr_m1cxzoyzhC1qe146ho1_500

Titles: Mademoiselle

Meaning of Name: Martine means "dedicated to mars".

Nickname: Most people call her by her full first name. Her childhood friends and family sometimes call her Mari, but she doesn't like the nickname much.

Sex: Female

Age & Date of Birth: 26.
Born: April 4, 1896

Birthplace: Marseille, France

Current Residence: She is a permanent resident at a very ritzy, upscale hotel in the heart of the city. She has practically an entire floor rented out to herself. The place has three bedrooms, a private dinning room, lift from the hotel's kitchen for meals, sitting room/lounge, and two wash-rooms. People like to ask her what she needs all the room for. If only they saw the place at night...

Lives With: Martine supposedly lives on her own but usually has a variety of house guests ranging from family members to people she met only hours ago at the cafe.

Occupation: Infamous French Socialite.
Martine has some very high friends in very high places. It isn't uncommon to see her wandering from cafe to cafe with those of equal monetary status. Needless to say, when she and her group wind up in a place where money can be spent, the owners of those establishments are very happy.

Past Occupations: Worked as a seamstress for about a week. She did it out of boredom and needed some extra money for a necklace she liked

Physical Appearance

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General Description/Facial Features:
Small, Heart-shaped Face.
Higher Cheek Bones.
Thick, Dark, Arched Brows.
Lipstick stained, red lips.
Slight Roman Nose.
Usually heavily made up.
Over-All: Intense, Feminine Features. Attractive.

Height & Body Type: 5' 3''. Shorter. Curvy. Not stick skinny like most girls at the time, but not exactly fat.

Eyes: Light Green. They usually look a little watery, even when she isn't upset.

Skin Tone: Pale. Almost ghostly/sickly. In fact, if it wasn't for her skin tone, Martine could be considered a very good looking girl. But because she is so white and it doesn't mix with the rest of her features, it takes away from her attractiveness. She tries very hard to tan during her vacations to the seaside during the fall, but usually winds up coming home with a mild sunburn instead of an autumn glow.

Scars: None. Scars are only eyesores in the eyes of Martine.

Type of Dresser: Very into French Fashion. She isn't a big fan of the way the Americans have taken the "flapper" look and made it their own. So, she sticks to the roots of the look. She likes wearing metallic colors such as gold and silver because they make her look a little less pale and bring out the darkness of her hair and the yellows in her green eyes. Her sense of style is considered a little more conservative than most. She likes to keep her shoulders covered and will not wear any skirt that goes higher than her knee. She will not go bare-legged anywhere and will wear stockings if she has to. Martine thinks that the "American flappers" are taking away from the French fashion's classiness. She really likes jewelry and has a massive jewelry box at her home where she is rumored to have over a million dollars worth of diamonds.

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Hair Color & Style: Sleek black and naturally very straight. Has to wear it in curlers for 10+ hours for it to actually curl. Actually very long, down to the middle of her back, but knows how to pin it up in a way that makes it look chin length. Wears it down and straight when not going out and sitting around at home or when trying to stand out.

Tattoos/Piercings: 2 holes in each earlobe.

Personality & Such

Disabilities: Martine has a rather weak immune system, which means she gets sick a lot in the winter time. She's gone the entire month of January locked up in her room battling one bad cold, and because she doesn't like when people see her when she isn't at her best, she refuses to go out when she is ill. She sometimes wonders if the wateriness of her eyes is caused by an illness and has seen doctors about it, but there isn't much they can do besides give her cold remedies and the occasional immunization. Martine will steer clear of being in close quarters with people during the winter because she thinks everyone has some sort of germ that will make her bedridden.

Mental State: Sane.

Talents & Skills: An Outstanding Actress. However Martine believes movies and such are very silly and will not waste her time with them. If she did see them as something more as a means of escapism for the poor and invested some time in them, there's no doubt she'd be able to make it to the top of the industry. She keeps that one movie she allowed herself to be in a secret and fakes modesty when people recognize her from it, saying that the girl in it was too pretty to have really been her and it must be some chance that she looks like the star in it. She's considered stage acting for fun but doesn't want people to get the impression that she's doing it for money. The life of a stage actress appears glamorous to her, but she wouldn't dare actually enter the industry.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Very much the same as everyone else right now. Parting, dancing, spending time with friends, spending lots of money.

Self-Image: "Baby gets what baby wants" is the kind of attitude most men have given Martine. She's a little bit stuck-up in her self-image but can be quite modest and humble when with her friends and people she actually likes. She thinks she's better than most of the Americans though. Actually, she claims she knows she is better than them and often calls them "Meat Loafs".

Weakness: Allergic to cats. Deathly allergic to carrots.

Overall Personality:
Martine is exactly what someone would expect a socialite to be. She is outgoing and adores being around other people. In fact, when she hasn't been around her friends or people in general for longer than a day or two she becomes very irritable. She thinks first impressions are everything, so most people think she comes off as a very bubbly, sweet individual. But Martine's intentions are usually rarely sweet. Because of the fact that she was born into such a high social status, she is a fierce competitor in the cut-throat world of French partygoers and craves being the very most well known woman there is. She isn't afraid to help spread a rumor about someone she thinks is a threat to her status and has been known to bring down many a girl in the past. There has been more than one occasion where she's made a girl run out of the room crying from humiliation. When she ISN'T trying to work her way to the very top of the world she's actually quite fun to be around. She isn't as wild as most girls these days and is still pretty old fashioned in her morals (she thinks it's irresponsible for a woman to do a mans work, doesn't think girls should whore themselves out to every man in the room) so at times she seems pretty mild.

Martine knows she comes from good blood and has a lot of pride in that. She thinks that the amount of people coming in from America and other countries don't see how much work the French have put in to making such a "fine" culture and believes they are all out to ruin the country she was born in. So naturally Martine doesn't like the Americans but she can tollerate the ones that are actually contributing something to society.

But she wants to slit the throats of the people that are just there to drink and muck up her pretty atmosphere.

Best Personality Trait: Her kindness to those she likes

Worst Personality Trait: Sometimes she isn't as nice as she seems...

Fears: France being "rotted out" by the new comers, dying young

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Martine is disgusted by the double-standard involving men and women. She thinks it's unfair that it's more or less acceptable for men to cheat on their wives while a woman is considered a whore if she does it herself. Because of this she swears she will never marry again, but isn't afraid to mess around or have a little fun

Relationship History: Martine was married to a fellow Frenchman for about 10 months when she was 23. They would have stayed together too, except that Martine caught him in bed with one of their villa's maids. Everyone thought she would have let it go and moved on from the incident because of her more Victorian Morals, however she would have none of her ex-husband's tomfoolery and dumped him two weeks after the incident. People were both disgusted and inspired by the move and it took a big toll on her confidence for a while while the rumor mill kept churning out ridiculous stories about what happened. She's currently very moved on from her ex, though.

General Likes: Material Possessions, Cats & Small Dogs, High Fashion, Accessories, Shoes, Her Tiffany Jewelry, The Length of Her Hair, Anything French, Nights Out, Her Friends and Sisters, Sunny Days, When She Tans, Older Music, French Cuisine, Chocolate, The Media, Smoking, Wine, Watching Car Accidents.

General Dislikes: Cars, The Americans Who Don't Contribute Anything to France And Just Come to Party, The English Language, Women Who Work (She thinks it's improper and neglectful to the family), Tourists, The Irish, Driving TOO Fast, Her Ex-Husband.

Usually Equipped With: Purse. Filled with things like lipsticks and perfumes and spare earring backs. Really depends on where she's going. She usually doesn't take money out with her and gets men to buy her drinks instead.


Mother: Celestine Fontaine-Bouchard

Mother's role in upbringing: Very close. Martine's mother loved each of her children very much and raised her daughters in the hopes they would do the same and one day provide a good home to their husbands and children. Martine likes to say that her mother gave her everything that was good about her. She was heartbroken when her mom died when she was 15 and wound up looking to her older sisters as a means of companionship and motherliness.

Father: Jean-Luc Bouchard

Father's role in upbringing: Also very close. Martine's father comes from a very rich and well known French family that can be traced back to the early 1700s. On his side of the family there were three dukes and two marquis, one of which being his own grandfather. Needless to say he was the breadwinner for the family. He discouraged his daughters from going after education and jobs because it made them seem unappreciative for the amount of money they were born into.

Family Finances: INCREDIBLY wealthy. Her family is old money and her great-grandfather was a marquis.

Birth Order & Siblings: Youngest of 8.
Astrid Marie- 36 -Sister
Noémi Therese - 34 -Sister
Julien Luc - 32 - Brother
Dorothée Collette - 30 - Sister
Sébastien & Bernadette - 29 - Brother & Sister - Twins
Clémence Belle - 27 -Sister
Martine - 26

Relationships with Siblings: Not very close with her older siblings because of their age differences. She's very close to her sisters Bernadette and Clémence, who stay with her in her "apartment" quite often. She likes to take trips back home to Marseille to visit all of her siblings when she gets the chance, but has never really been able to get along with either of her brothers, so she usually winds up leaving these vacations early because they annoy her. She doesn't relate to them because all they seem to talk about is their time in the War.

Education: Relatively educated. She begun studying at a woman's college to obtain a degree in philosophy but dropped out after two years of her education because of the war. She didn't think it was right for her to be going to school while many of her close friends and family were off fighting, so she left to do what she could to help out on the home-front and would have had to leave anyways, seen as how the Germans came in and made a mess of everything... She had the chance to go back and finish her education but by that time she'd broken out into the Parisian social scene and thought it would only be a waste of time.

Ethnic Heritage: 100% French.

Accent: Heavily French. It's sometimes hard to tell what she's saying when she's speaking English.


Languages Spoken: French, English, Spanish, Catalan.

Religion: Catholic

Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Very pwetty, Rach ^^ I love her earrings in the seconds picture <3

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Done cept for my history.
Lol at my themesong.
So perf. It could also fit Alanya if ya know what I meaan

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I like it.


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