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---OOC Information---
Fatal Hotel Username: DaniTranic
Real life name: Dani

---IC Information---

Vital Statistics

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Full name: Miss Maxine Estelle Williams

Titles: Miss

Meaning of Name:
Maxine: Modern feminine form of Max, a short form of Maximilian, which is a compound name composed from the Latin names Maximus (greatest), and Ae-milianu.
Estelle: Common to England, Estelle is the French cognate of the Spanish Estella, which is derived from the Latin Stella (star)

Nickname: Maxine usually prefers to be called “Max”, although most people call her by her full name, Maxine, unless she asks them to call her by Max.

Sex: Female

Age & Date of Birth: Max is 23, 22nd September 1899

Birthplace: America, New York, Brooklyn.

Current Residence: Max is supposed to be living with her Aunt Hentrietta (Usually referred to as “Auntie Hen” by Maxine) although she will not allow her to enter her home, unless she changes her image of being a flapper. For now she is living in a rented hotel room in the heart of the city, her room is quite grand, very expensive. Decorated quite bright to keep her cool.

Lives With: She currently lives alone, although Maxine is never afraid to bring a man back to her room every now and then, or just a few friends.

Occupation: Maxine is a trained photographer; she usually leaves some sort of note on a wall with her number and occupation, along with types of photography she does.

Past Occupations: She used to work for her sisters photography company, though now she has left New York, she left her work also.

Birthday: 22nd September

Physical Appearance

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General Description/Facial Features: Maxine has a very childish, playful appearance in general, although she can be classy when she wishes. She’s a big fan of jewellery, and her long lashes and large eyes are usually the cause of her childish appearance though the rest of her face, high cheekbones and a shark cupids-bow, gives a classier, playful impression. Each part of her facial features gives a different impression, although they all fit together nicely, making a very beautiful woman.

Height & Body Type: 5”6, Maxine does have very subtle curves, although she wears clothing that is slightly looser, not showing her frame at all.

Eyes: Her eyes are one of the most striking of her appearance, a very dark, bottle green. Her eyes are framed with long, thick, black lashes which give the illusion of her wearing eyeliner, her eyes appear black when in dark light although when she is in natural light, the dark bottle green is subtle. In lighter rooms or daylight, her eyes twinkle slightly when beside a flame, and most describe that when they look at her eyes, it’s almost like a mirror.

Skin Tone: Max has a slight tanned complexion, though not obvious. Subtle, lightly tanned. She has a flawless complexion, though during the beginning of Autumn she will have small pimples over her temples caused by the sudden weather change between the seasons.

Scars: A chicken-pock scar on the bath of her thigh, a slightly smaller one on her collar bone, usually hidden by a necklace or scarf, and a cigarette burn on the palm of her hand.

Type of Dresser: Maxine’s style is usually known as a flapper, she wears dresses that don’t show her frame, knee high and either show her entire arms or just cover the top of her shoulder, she’s a big fan of jewellery, especially sparkly things. She loves earrings and necklaces, mostly, and always wears a ring on her middle finger. She knows how to make everything match, and is always seen with some sort of sparkly item on her.

Hair Color & Style: Very light blonde, natural, her hair is very curly ringlets, a bob. Maxine always wears hair curlers in bed, although very late they drop and become loose, the tips barely touching her shoulder.

Tattoos/Piercings: Her lobes are pierced, and she always has a pair of earrings in, whether studs or dangly hoops.

Other: N/A

Personality & Such

Disabilities: When Maxine was younger, she accidently pressed her hand on one of her father cigarettes when he sat it pointing away from the table. Now, when she presses her hand too hard on a surface, that particular sport will hurt.

Mental State: Sane, though Maxine does have strange, funny dreams that she can’t explain most of the time.

Talents & Skills: She is very good at smoke-tricks, Maxine can make rings and do the “Irish waterfall” when smoking. She is also a very talented photographer, and can always catch the good side of a person or thing, and is very persuasive.

Activities/Hobbies/Pastimes: Photography, driving, hair-dressing.

Self-Image: Maxine is very confident in her own skin, and sees herself as a very beautiful woman, though does not flaunt this round arrogantly. She loves herself, as all people do, and enjoys looking in the mirror. Though she doesn’t think of herself as self absorbed, this is true in some ways. She cares about her looks and presentation, she feels her looks reflect her personality the way she presents them.

Weakness: Shiny or sparkly things, mostly jewellery.

Overall Personality: Maxine is very loyal to people she cares about, though does enjoy gossip. She cares for presentation and loves shiny or sparkly things, especially jewellery. Once you’ve known her for a while, it is quite easy to know how a man can get with her, from how open she is. She enjoys talking and is very bubbly most of the time. Maxine is a chain smoker, and drives a lot. Most of the time she is driven by a taxi, though, because she is slightly lazy. She enjoys a joke and short chats, but when involved in a very important conversation, she can get very absorbed into the conversation, and is very serious with her words.

Best Personality Trait: How easily she can lighten an atmosphere

Worst Personality Trait: When in arguments or fights, Maxine can be very violent-mouthed, especially after a drink or two.

Fears: Large birds, ever drowning, spiders.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Thoughts on love & Relationships: Maxine has never really though about love, although she does want to settle down in late future. She never really notices that very close couples make her smile, though couples that are very mushy and spend most of their time kissing, make her uncomfortable and cringe.

Relationship History: Being known as a flapper, Max has had quite a few one night stands and casual relationships, though they only lasting a few weeks. She once did have a real relationship at fifteen when she was with a boy, Alton, who was a year older than her. They were together for a year, though argued a lot, eventually ending their argument with her throwing a glass at him, though it hitting the wall.

General Likes: Photos, memories, shiny objects, lipstick, hair curlers, sparkly things, stars, sweet things, fire flies, lamp posts when lit.

General Dislikes: Car horns, big birds, the odour of alcohol, moths,

Usually Equipped With: A cigarette holder, a packet of cigarettes, a lighter, sometimes seen carrying a camera in her bag, a tube of a dark purple-y red lipstick.


Mother: Carolyn Williams

Mother's role in upbringing: Carolyn wasn’t as close to Maxine as she was to her sister, though she was close to her. She taught her to cook and is one of the reasons Maxine is so attached to sparkly jewellery, she used to sneak into her Mothers bedroom without permission and go through her jewellery box, and look at all of her shiny and sparkly earring and necklaces, though always putting them back.

Father: Edmund Marcella Williams

Father's role in upbringing: In Edmunds side of the family, having a middle name is always given to their child. Being the younger sibling, and her sister having not been given a middle name, Maxine was given her middle name because of her Father. Because of this, she was much closer with her Father’s side of the family, and was very much a daddy’s girl.

Family Finances: Wealthy, though Maxine doesn’t talk about her families money to people.

Birth Order & Siblings:
Regina – Oldest – 4 years
Maxine – Youngest – 4 years

Relationships with Siblings: Regina and Maxine weren’t very close, though they never argued. Eventually when they were older, around eighteen, Regina started a photography business and hired Maxine, knowing she had had a good education and was very experienced with photography, which brought the pair much closer over time.

Education: Maxine and Regina had a very good education, they were educated by private tutors and were homeschooled.

Ethnic Heritage: Maxine’s Father is American, though her Mother is half Spanish and half American, explaining her slightly tanned complexion.
Accent: Brooklyn Accent.

Under Con

Languages Spoken: English, Latin, Spanish

Religion: Non-Practising Christian, though she is a part of a strong Christian family.


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