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~ OOC Information ~
Official Room Director & Administrative Assistant
Username: Herus
Real life name: Jake (20 Years Old)

~IC Information~
~* Vital Statistics *~

Full Name:
Charles Wyatt Winters

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Nicknames:Known as
Wyatt Winters

8th September 1894
Age: Twenty Eight

Born - Wyatt was born on the family ranch in Oklahoma, USA, back then the family of four were stuck in a time of
struggle and were quite poor - though Charlie still insists they were 'comfortable'.

Raised - When Wyatt was around six, Winters Industries boomed and he and his family (Father, Mother and Borther)
moved cross-counrty to New York, where they soon became accustom to their wealthier way of life.

Now-days Wyatt lives in Europe.
He took the trans-Atlantic trip due to word of the upcoming prohibition on the States,
and so he fled to live a comfortable prohibition free lifestyle in Paris.
Wyatt is currently living the families Summer House - Hiver Villa

Lives with:
Wyatt is currently the only member of the Winters Family living in the Families Summer Getaway House,
However Wyatt is not alone in the Villa as numerous servants who keep the Villa in shape, are still living on the
Estate and keeping the Villa as instructed by Charles Winters- Wyatt's Father.


Relationship Status:

Relationship History:
Wyatt is in fact Engaged, to a ditzy blonde 'up-coming' actress - Camille Edmunds, though is seems everyone but his fiancée
knows he is quite the unfaithful partner. Prior to his forced engagement Wyatt had quite a number of casual relationships as
Paris was and still is teeming with flappers looking for a rich and handsome guy to show them a good time.

Wyatt is not employed as such as he is the heir to a very successful Oil business.
He has never had the need of a job as his family has enough money to sustain his wants and needs.
Though one day he will become partner to his brother in the running of the Family Oil business- Winters Industries.

Wyatt was put into private school as soon as his parents moved up to New York.
Before that Wyatt had almost no education at all as most of his younger years were spent helping his father make sure the
business was successful on the manual side of the occupation. He is now an educated man, though he only graduated with a
high school diploma, that is enough seeing as his career is pretty much cut out for he and his brother.

~* Physical Appearance *~

General Appearance:
Wyatt is the typical 'Blue Eyed Boy' Though they are set back under his heavy ridged brow.
His facial features are very masculine,and sharp which gives him an edginess that some find attractive.
Wyatt's nose is the strongest feature on his face as it comes to triangular point.
His jaw and cheek bones run parallel so as to give him a very square cheek.

Height, Build & Weight:
~ 6Ft 1In
~ Tall, Lean, Athletic
~ 162Ibs

Eye Colour:
Wyatt has sparkling Blue eyes which is often complimented on, as he has rather harsh, sharp features they tend to soften his gaze as his brow is rather ridged he would otherwise come over as angry or displeased.

Hair Color & Style:
Wyatt is very particular about his hair and takes time to style it before heading out from his Villa
A rich hazel nut brown shade that is usually slicked back and side parted to perfection.

Skin tone:
Wyatt spends rather a lot of his spare time when not socialising alone in the Villa's garden and so he has
plenty of time to gather a natural tan. Though he is not one for swimming he will hang around the pool in
his swimming wear so as to get an even exposure.
So as one would imagine he has a rather sun-kissed glow about his naturally paler skin.

Equipped with:
Watch // Wallet // Cigarette Case // Matches // Keys //
Loose Change ('You never know when you'll need a nickel') //

~* Psychology & Such *~

Wyatt may seem like quite the big headed, sarcastic jerk, but in-fact he is actually quite polite upon meeting him.
Though he lives up to his name, he is always humble about the matter of rumours and the like that whisper their way through Paris.
Wyatt's parents brought their son up to have manners and remember where he came from. Although he does sometimes let the amount
of money in his pocket speak for itself, causing his mind to slip, and he can come off as spoilt or arrogant.

Popular or Loner:
Wyatt loves to surround himself with people, mainly the upper class as he has come to be more comfortable around them as he as grown
into high society. Being the life of the party isn't always easy though and he prefers to spends at least some of his weekends
alone in the villa recuperating.

'Wyatt Winters', is quite a name to carry, though Wyatt's shoulders are broad enough, and he actually likes the stigma that comes with his title.
He is known around Paris for being the son of a wealthy American Oil giant and he uses it to his advantage, he has found it has given him an edge
with both sexes - wanting to talk to him, shake his hand or be on his arm at parties. He loves the attention as he came from a poor background
and was ever rarely noticed.

Mental Stability:
Sane and Lucid

Stock Market // Playing Blues & Jazz Piano // Tennis //

Playing Piano // Dancing //

Gambling // Drinking // Liaising with women // Shooting // Driving fast Motor Cars //
Cigars // Reading the Newspaper // New Literature // Playing Tennis //

Prohibition back in the USA // Being utterly sober // Conservative Victorian Literature //
Victorian Morals // Church & Hymns// Rainy Weather //

Fears & Phobia's:
~ Aquaphobia - A fear of water
(Wyatts fear is of deep water, he never swims in the sea or in deeper parts of pools
were he cannot stand with his head and shoulders above water level)

~ Becoming Thirty
Wyatt has a fear of being a disappointment to his parents, though he thoroughly enjoys 'Messing Around'
His only reason for getting engaged was so as he might not reach the big 30 with nothing to show for it.

Best Personality Trait:
His humbleness about his money and generosity with paying for 'his girls' and 'buddies'

Worst Personality Trait:
Drunken stupidity - Arrogance and Money Burning that comes with that

Drunkeness - Wyatt is often quite rash when drunk and rebellious. This is how he found his love of gambling though he
isn't all that good at table games he often looses money. He is however rather lucky on 'the horses'.

~* Background & Family *~

Ethnic Heritage:

Biological Father:
Mr. Charles Henry Winters

Role in upbringing & relationship:
Wyatt's Father was strict as far as his Son's manners were concerned though he was a very kind man.
He would spend time playing with his boys in the back yard of their small ranch in Oklahoma.
Though now days the suited, successful, Oil giant is concerned with how his boys are going to
run his business and spend his fortune after he is gone - this has caused him to harden.
It is true to say that sometimes money can make people wicked.
Charlie is less of the fun loving Daddy ,Wyatt once knew, and more of a nagging old bitter gentleman.
Age, money and the death of his dear wife have made him this way.

Biological Mother:
Mrs. Grace Anne Winters [Deceased]

Role in upbringing & relationship:
Grace like her name was always a gracefully women with a kind and warm heart.
A wholesome country women, she never got used to the high life that her husbands
fortune gave her family. She preferred to stay home rather than blow money on a new
dress, shoes and hat to go out in.
Back home, down south - Oklahoma - Grace loved to cook wholesome meals for her
Old man and two boys. Mamma's pie, stew and dumplings are certainly dishs that Wyatt holds dear.
After dying at a rather young age she was laid to rest back her home town in Oklahoma.

Family Finance:
The Winters were not always 'well off', in fact when Wyatt and his Brother - Robbie were born the small family of four lived
on a small ranch in Oklahoma, however only a few months after the birth of 2nd Son- Wyatt, Charlie and Grace struck Oil,
and became rich over night.

~* Biographical History *~
Early Life


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I found you a themesong.

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Rachel that was... spectacular!

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